Monday, November 2, 2009

It feels like winter...

Yea, winter is almost here... I have a feeling it is going to snow in RL. It is so cold I almost smell it haha. I can't wait this year's first snow, yay!

I think this is a perfect look for the winter. The new hair styles from Maitreya are totally stunning. I especially love the scarf - hair combination (you can buy only hair too). It fits perfectly. This is really a must have for the upcoming winter! <3

Skin is a group gift from Free Speerit- Katherine and I loveee it. I love pink things (I really do lol) and this skin has a pink makeup :) and a beauty mark at the same spot I have in RL. haha... instant love..

All the credits:
Coat from Aoharu- Military coat (white)
Pants and sweater from Fishy strawberry
Boots from Maitreya- SoHo boots (Luxe Grunge)
Maitreya Voluminous scarf (violet-red) and Voluminous Scarf hair#2

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