Wednesday, November 11, 2009

---It is a happy Wednesday----

I am so happy to show you some of my favourite clothes of the past few days.
First, I made a mix of the latest release from Modd.G. Moddishh GossipGirl did an awesome job releasing these cute clothes! Everything comes in every possible layer and so many colours to choose from! yay! Tp to the Modd.G store--- here-- and look for yourself!


Pants from Emery and Floral halter top (blue/black) from Cupcakes. Other clothes are from Modd.G.
Belt from Maitreya
Hair from Truth
Jewelry from Zaara and Emery
Yellow shoes from Maitreya Gold- Esprit-Xtd-Lemon
Blue shoes from Kalnins- Boudoir


The dress I am wearing in this photo is a free gift from SySy's. It is sooo gorgeous!! You can wear it in 2 different ways- as you see in the photo.

The long necklace is from LaGyo.

Aww and the new sculpted shoes from Kalnins- Boudoir. Hot! Like every Kalnins product also these shoes are colour changeable.They come with a hud for easy adjust. There are 12 colours to choose from and 5 independently colorable prim groups. If you dont feel like mixing and matching by yourself there are already 6 colour combination presets.

The skin is a new group gift from Tuli----> Bella! Join the group (it is not free but sooo worth it, believe me!) and wear your tag and hurry down to Tuli main store and click the mushroom there and you will get this new gorgeous Bella skin. ♥Love it.

And finally the last but not least is this new Outfit from :SK designs:- Vegary outfit. It is sssso ssssexy ;). It comes in 2 colours black and red. You get both colours by purchasing the item.

Socks from Miel- Lo Refurbished socks- Navy
Hair + hat from Truth
Boots from Shiny Things
Necklace from Periquita
Skin from Redgrave/Jennifer.

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