Sunday, January 3, 2010

*Warm me up*

It is snowing in RL here and it is freaking cold on my side of the world today, so I just feel I have to wear something warm in SL too, am I weird? And yesterday when I was thinking what to wear to warm me up, the sweet Sienia Trevellion, the owner of Lark and Agent orange stores, sent me her latest release, the amazing Trapper hats. Acording to her these hats are "So ugly they are cute". LoL. I think they are just cute! They come in 6 different patterns. The corduroy one you can get in SL Discovery Toque hunt for free.

_I love this_

Hat- Swirl Trapper hat from Agent orange
Jacket from Coco- Down jaket/brown
Sweater-a part of Elate "Tuli"- Navy sweater dress
Pants from Niniko- Crease-crease pants
Boots from Shiny things- Chunky ribbon boots
Belt from Truth
Hair from !lamb- 50L Friday

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