Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pink and Purple way

Milla Michinaga from MichaMi store released new stuff! Sweaters and leggings in so many different colours! I am wearing Maisie in plum today. The combo can be used as pyjamas, but I think it looks great for just everyday use too! You can mix and match it with so many other items. Everything comes in all layers.
Please update your Lms because MichaMi store has moved to a new location.

_Pretty Purple1_

I added a new sculpted coat from Aoharu- Tweed feminine coat. Oh my, I love it! It has a resizing script so it is easy to make it the right size to fit your avatar and again so many colours to choose from. I decided to get me the pink one. What can I do, I like pink. haha

_It is adorable

Other items:
Belt from Miel
Hair from Truth
Necklace from Pacadi Jasha
Shoes from Maitreya
Skin from Curio

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