Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Starwind Home!

My friend Fleetwind Soulstar is a brilliant builder.  She just opened her own store called Starwind. Her newest release is this cute Summer  home. It is a sunny cottage, perfect for some lazy summer days when you wanna get away from the crowd and just relax. Well I am no expert in building but I think this house is adorable. She did a really great job.

You can get this house for just 99L Today! The regular price is 400L. Hurry down to Starwind and get yourself a new home! You can also buy it HERE on Xstreet.

I decided to move in there. I made me an office  so I can blog in peace.Yay! Have a great weekend everyone!


Style card:
Sweater from Emery- The dressing room blue
Jeans from Coral chic
Belt from OoEas
Shoes from Nardcotix- free gift in store
Hair from I love olive- Luani New
Skin from Atomic- Faith- group gift (joining fee)

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