Friday, July 30, 2010

*Friday mix*

Happy Friday!
I was running around the Friday events and Albero gatcha festival this morning. The gatcha festival has new items out.  And because I spent too much at the previous one I decided to buy just one item from each machine  (the ones I liked) and then see if I can match them. Surprisingly almost all of the items I got matched each other. Let's  call it  Friday luck.
Skin- Lelutka 50L Friday (woot, Lelutka is participating this week!!! You get the skin in 4 skin tones, with eyelashes, dark and light eyebrows & hairbases and even the breast volumizer and eyes!!! An unbelievable deal for just 50L!)
Cardigan- This is a fawn - Albero gatcha- Yes I tried only 1 time and I got the rare item LoL.
Shirt from Scribble- Albero gatcha
Shoes from *mijnt* - Albero gatcha
Bag from *MayoNaise* - Albero Gatcha
Hairband- Miel- 50L Friday
Glasses - Artilleri- 50L Friday
Bangles - Mandala- Rocking Friday
Hair (an old Designers united item) and poses from Waffles
Jeans from Armidi- 50%sale

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  1. Aww Purple, love it! :)) Very cute! Looking forward to our shoot! Will make a notecard with details and work it out a little more :) And THANK you soooo much for the awesome links! I'm learning more each day!