Friday, July 2, 2010

*Sexy summertime*

I was like whaaa when I saw these new long shirts  with matching belt from Aoharu. I need this look in RL!  I am sure I can improvise with my existing RL clothes haha. I am going to try this out today.=P
These summer Mana wedges from Nardcotix are a killer too. I sooo love them.


The dress I am wearing under the shirt is new from *BD*. There is a catch when designers make dresses with patterns because it is hard to line up the pattern on the prim with the rest of the dress. But  Chloe made this look very nice. Each dress contains 2 sizes of the skirt prim, small and big depending  on  the size of  your shape. I am wearing the small prim.


Other items:
Hair- D!va- free group gift in notices
Bag- D!va - gift in the store
Glasses from Urbanity (Project themeory a few months ago)
Necklace from Zaara


  1. Lorellai I come here daily and I believe I have never once left you a decent comment! Shame on me! I absolutely love your blog and I am FASHION crazy! I soo wanna go shopping with you some time! lol :)) Awesome style, great blog! Keep 'm coming! :))

  2. Thanks so much Kaelyn! Of course, IM me sometime and we can go shopping LoL =D

  3. where are the shoes from please>?