Wednesday, July 7, 2010

*Gatcha here, gatcha there, gatchas everywhere...*

Albero gatcha summer festival started today. It is just so much fun and very addictive I can tell. I remember the event from last year which was really, really fun. The event ends on August 11th.
Visit Albero and have fun with all the millions (lol) of gatchas all around and you can get some really adorable stuff for a low price. I am sure I will go back and play some more soon.

Here are some of the items I got.


Stripey dress and earrings from Doppelganger
White skirt from Yozoh*
Headpeice from LG Concept
Flats from loveme
Little tote from Tee*fy
Scarf from {theosophy}
Hair from TinyBird
Mouth Tulip from A.D.D Andel!

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