Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cute! Yes please!

I love this look. All the pieces I've used came together so randomly but they match well I think!


I adore the shoes from ANEXX and I was looking forward to being able to wear them, so now I am pretty sure I won't take them off anytime soon.
The jacket is from Peqe and It is available for the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser which is still going on. Go get it!

I grabbed the scarf at the Dressing room, the regular one, not the blue one, from Fishy Strawberry, you get 4 different scarves, what an amazing deal!

I am still wearing the AMD Gaia skin. It is so pretty I just cant get enough of it :). I added a pinkish lip-gloss today. I purchased the whole range of  them at the Another Fundraiser II event from Fishy strawberry. It is for the Kokeshi skin by FS but it goes really well with Gaia skin as well! All skins and tattoo packs are 50L only and 100% of the proceeds go to Red Cross Relief in Japan. Go check it out!

All the details:
Dress-Ibizarre Melua Dress (Dark Burgundy)
Jacket-Peqe - Pacific/Flora PCF
Socks-Maitreya Moxie Over-Knee Socks * Ecru
Scarf-*Fishy Strawberry* Scarf Model 1 Organic C TDR
Hair-(Milana) Lynn
Skin-(AMD) Gaia - Peachy
LipGloss-*Fishy* Kokeshi Gloss - Rose - Another Fundraiser


  1. Lorellai, your photos are so gorgeous and I love your style!

  2. *Thankies* Samara, I am happy you like it! :)