Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Coloured Tuesday

Everyone who follows this blog and who knows me in SL knows I love Miel clothing. Mika and Miel are creating such a fantastic stuff I am drooling every time when I see they released new goodies for us♥. Everything is so well done. I would say perfect is the right word.
Last week's release is no exception. You have to run down to Miel (if you didn't already) and check it out... they have demos to try on before u buy. The stuff is perfect for mixing and matching the way you like it because everything is on sale separately.. shirts, skirts... etc.
The skin I am wearing in this post is a s-o-m group gift from Dutch Touch. It is stunning and I think it makes me look "smart" LoL. :)
Tops- CALI tops from Miel
Skirts- CALI cords from Miel
Glasses-Genius peepers from Miel
Hair- Monday hair from Miel with and without Hoodie
Bracelets from Miel as well. (from previous 50 L friday)
Boots- Long boots from J's (Soft gray)

The next thing I am going to show in this post is this new group gift dress from Elate- Sunny dress. It is sooo cute! You have to subscribe to Elate s-o-m and check the history. :)
The other outfit I am wearing on this photo is from DCNY new release. I am crazy about this outfit!! It is so adorable and a basket full of flowers comes with it. Cute!♥

Sunny dress from Elate
Boots from J's
Jeans jacket from Coco
Hair from Dernier Cri- Audrey
Hair flower from *FUEL*- It was a freebie long time ago. Not sure if its still there.
Bracelet from Miel
Necklace from Mandala

Outfit and harvest basket from DCNY clothing- Hariette outfit/white
Hair from Dernier Cri
Shoes from Kookie
Necklace from Zaara- Karmuka necklace/colored

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