Monday, September 28, 2009

Skin expo crazy stuff and some free gifts :)

A few days ago a Skin & shape expo started. I was there a couple of times. The funniest thing about these fairs is the "LAG" and all the people complaining and bitching about the awful laaaaag! Well let me tell you, it is normal to lag if the sim is full! I remembered an article I read during the "Hair fair" on Ana lutetia blog. It is written sooooo well. Everyone should take a look and read it. Here is the Link--- >Anatomy of Lag.
On Saturday, at the moment I landed there, there was some really crazy shouting going on. I was laughing so hard... Really amusing. lol. ( I removed all the names) I think I landed just in the middle of this:

[15:46] Person 1 shouts: Good Lord People take off some of your prims you are causing the terrible lag in here!
[15:46] Person 2 shouts: F**k off! I spent one hour tping, I think I can take 5 min to take my clothes off
[15:47] Person 3 shouts: I hope they all die of crotch rot!
[15:47] Person 2 shouts: I doubt it
[15:48] Person 1 shouts: should take them all off like the rest of us. This is like swimming in pea soup because you had to wear every damn prim you own
[15:49] Person 2 shouts: Seeing that I am wearing only my system clothes, I would sugest you to care about your own business and be less agressive
[15:49] Person 3 shouts: Says the lady who yelled out F**k off.
[15:50] Person 2 shouts: Yeah, and I say it again, to people who are calling other ones "assholes"
[15:50] Person 4 shouts: Smiles and passes valium out to anyone that needs one......
[15:50] Person 5 shouts: first i wasn't talking to you but ok, this is the last time i'm shouting, this is dumb..have fun
[15:50] Person 2 shouts: ok now go back to your business, thank you
[15:50] Person 1 shouts: I didnt call you an asshole. I suggested you remove some of your prims to make the lag not so hard on the rest of the people trying to navigate here. It is called common courtesy
[15:51] Person 2 shouts: I am NOT WEARING ANY PRIMS

The next day I went back there and the story was the same... people shouting at each other. Thanks for the great amusement. Hahaha! Cool down people! SL used to be FUN! ;) If you go there you KNOW you will LAG, so accept it, simple. If you don't accept this fact--> don't go there! The skins will be in stores after the expo anyway.

Anyhow I managed to visit most of the stores and I grabbed some of the gifts there and the demos. So make sure you visit the expo and check out the beautiful skins and shapes of course. Some of the % of the purchased skins and shapes will be donated to the Susan G.Kome breast cancer Foundation. So it is really for a great cause.

exodi skins
These are the gift skins from Exodi.

skin expo gift3
From Bffae- Audri (Systematic) and Antoinette (Friday night)

skin expo gift
From Rockberry- Megan

skin expo gift1
From Obscene

Bikini outfit is a gift from Damiani from the Skin and shape expo as well.
Hair from
Shoes from Miel

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  1. I love your post (and your appearance, as always)! I just think it's funny when people think screaming at each other is going to make a positive impact...although I do try to wear as few prims as possible to expos :-) It's fun to see how few prims you can put on and still look cute! Plus, the less you wear, the better you can see the skin at the expo!