Monday, September 14, 2009

Double shot

Today I decided to make my own poses for these photos... soooo.. I am so excited to show my own poses! yay! Haha. Actually these are not the first poses I made.. few months ago I started something.. but then I just did not have time to mess with it some more. Anyway It is simple and fun! I was using Qavimator. It is free and very easy to use.

I made a combo of Artilleri and Fishy Strawberry in this post. Both stores released some gorgeous new stuff.
Antonia Marat from Artilleri released two new dresses! I am a huge fan of hers, so I run down to Artilleri and bought a Kitty dress in black. It is really cute! The skirt has two options- with poof and without it. =) I lovee polkadots hehe.

I am sure Lucille oh'Doll dress from Fishy Strawberry is one of the best baby doll dresses I have. It moves so well and like all clothes from FishyS.--> the textures are just amazing.
___double shot

Dress from Fishy Strawberry
Hair from Truth
Shoes from Kalnins
Necklace from Miel (from 50L friday last week)
Dress and glasses from Artilleri
Hair from Truth
Necklace from Epoque
Bracelet from Miel
Shoes from Kalnins

Shirt and jeans from Fishy Strawberry
Hair from Truth
Belt from Earthstones
Sandals from Slink

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