Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hunny, No!

I am not perfect I know, I do things wrong too! But there are some basic rules you need to know if you wanna look at least decent. So I made a top 10 list of what I think it is wrong.

1. Do NOT wear bling. Bling is ugly and looks really cheap. Believe me people will notice that ring on your finger or a necklace you just bought WITHOUT annoying bling. It makes you look like a christmas tree. Trust me.

2. Never wear a body oil. and when I say never I mean NEVER. Body oil is something what belongs to the past. You do not need a body oil with the new gorgeus skins in SL nowdays. It makes you look very ugly!

3. Face light- Some people I see walking around sl are totally excessive with it. Shining way tooo much!!! Why do you need a face light anyway? You do not need it. If you think you need to look brighter... change settings on your windlight. It will help and people around you wont go blind when you walk in to the room. It is annoying!!! Plus- it makes you look stupid when u walk in to the room and you are not rezzed yet with all the grey balls (I call it a solar system) floating around you. Funny!

4. Make sure your prim attachments are placed correctly. It looks damn funny if they are not. So what you have to do is edit it and simply check "stretch" in the menu and u will see little grey boxes around the item u wanna resize and just move them as you like. Sometimes this doesnt work.. so if u want more detailed resize check edit linked parts and then stretch again and you will see red, blue, green boxes. just move them and resize as you want. :)) Before you do so make sure u made a copy of the item you are resizing. So, if you f*** up something you always can go back and start again. Many times the item has a resizer script in it so u can resize it by simply clicking on the item. If the item is no modify and has no resizer script then do not buy it because it sucks.

5. There are outfits for different occasions. So please do not go shopping in your underwear... would you do so in RL? I do not think they will even let you in wearing underwear only. I guess they will lock you in a mental institution instead. Just because we are in Sl this doesn't mean it is OK to go shopping half naked. It is bad and it makes you look like a slut.

6. Never wear your belly ring over your shirt. It looks really funny and....really painful.

7. Be careful how to use layers. So your tattoo won't end up over your shirt. ugh...

8. If you wear prim feet shoes, make sure you don't wear socks with them!

9. Don't forget to change your prim feet colour if u change your skin because the skin on your feet won't change itself when you put on another skin.

10. Do not wear that instant "smile" attachment. It is creepy and it makes you look like a lunatic.

Credits for the photo:
Outfit from Sugarcube- Fringe tunic
Hair from Exile

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