Saturday, September 12, 2009

I am ready for autumn!

That's it. I am ready for autumn!!!

autumn look

I was searching the google for some cute autum lyrics and I found this heheh...
You know it's autumn when it's dark when you get out of bed
You know it's autumn when a conker falls on your head
You know it's autumn when the weather starts to turn cool
You know it's autumn when everyone goes back to school
Birds migrate,hedgehogs hibernate, leaves turn brown
And all fall down
You know that everyday nature is trying to say
The summer is over
And winter is on it's way...

(The song is from the Bbc webpage lol)

ready for autumn

I just love this new Jacket from Coco! It looks so real it's scary!!
And The Prestige boots from BAX! I wanted these boots for so long... and few days ago I received them as a gift from my dear friend! I love them so much.. actually I haven't taken them off for the past 3 days so no wonder I am wearing them for this blog post. ;)
And another thing I totally adore is this black jeans with lace from GiGi couture. Really sexy! I am a fan of Gigi Couture for over a year now and I am always amazed with new releases. Love it. ♥♥
All the credits:
Jacket from Coco- Flight jacket/black
Plain white shirt (I believe it is a freebie in the store!) and Jeans from GiGi couture/black
Belt from Earthstones- leather and laced belt/coal
Hair- new from Truth/Peaches
Boots- Prestige boots from BAX
Bag from Emery
Glasses from Kalnins- Stargate


  1. what a great Look!! i love the purse all together very well put together, Thank you for featuring Bax Boots <4

  2. Thank you Serina! :)I love these Boots so much!