Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Goodbye August!

SL hates me today! I was finally able to take some snapshots after struggling with SL for more than an hour of crashing and not loading textures correctly. I was about to give up for today when I finally made it. I am not sure maybe SL is busted or my DSL internet connection sucks for some reason.

Anyhow, it is the last day of August today. Is it just me or has this month rolled through realy fast? I had so much fun and just can't believe this summer is almost saying goodbye but I am curious to see what the autumn will bring us!

I will call this look today "The End of summer look".

Jacket from fri.day - Military jacket/silver
Tunic from AddiCt - JerseyRacerback
Jeans - Kalnins/black
Hair - Truth- Keeley/Almond
Earrings- Glow studio (tdrBlue) - Bubbles earrings
Shoes - Slink (tdrBlue) -Aveela Stiletto
Bracelet - Garage Stilit bracelet
Backpack- MayoNaise - Fash rehab special
Skin- JoSje from Dutch touch- vip preview skin
Poses- doll. -Scarlett mini pose collection-Think pink hunt gift

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