Thursday, August 19, 2010

... YaaY...


Omg just when I thought this week couldn't get any better I got the info that Truth is having a Sale starting today. The sale runs on two sims. I went to Truth II location and I had a pretty pleasant shopping experience with only 14 people on the sim. Meanwhile the other location was full. (Both locations have same stuff) I am sure the second sim will fill up soon as well though. Hurry down to Truth and get yourself some awesome hairstyles you didn't buy already full price.
Here are the Slurls: Truth and Truth II . The sale ends on September 3.

I am wearing another awesome version of Audrey skin from Tuli. This one is from a hunt at ICON lifestyle sim. Visit Tuli shop there and look around for a small black box.

Dress from Elate- Free gift in store
Necklace was made by my friend Perky Button and if anyone want it just send an IM to her and she will pass it to you for free. It is a very lovely, simple necklace and goes well with my look.
Bag from Duh!- Starlust panty raid- hunt gift
Bracelet from MonS
Shoes- Gos
Hair- Truth- Anise
Shirt, shorts and bag are from Coco- all group gifts.
Jacket from Aoharu- The Dressing room
Shoes- Gos
Hair Truth- Eloise
Poses-Adorkable poses

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