Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sweet Sunday

I love finding new stores! aRAWa and TuttiFrutti are two stores featured on the Lazy Sunday Hunt and I was excited to browse their products. TuttiFrutti has a number of really cute and crazy leggings. While aRAWa showcased different dresses and tats! I feel in love with both stores. Just as I was about to log I got the notice that Kalnins had new shoes out called "Plastique". For a limited time the shoes are on sale for 50%. What I love about Kalnins shoes is that they come with a HUD so you don't have to buy different colours of the same shoes and clutter up your inventory!

Hair from Armidi Hair - The Ginza - (Chocolat)
Earrings from Glow - Pure Rain Earrings - TDR
Tattoo from aRAWRa - Our Dreams
Dress from aRAWRa - Make Cupcakes Not War
Pants from TuttiFrutti - Candy Hearts
Shoes from Kalnins - Plastique


  1. I really think all shoes with a HUD system should be required to have a color change option with the shoe. I mean, you can go to the trouble to let me match my skin and choose my nail polish, but I'm supposed to buy the same shoe in 10 colors? No thanks. Also I love both those stores too! These day of the week promotions are really great exposure.

  2. I agree! I wish all shoes were HUD coloured. I can only hope... lol