Monday, August 9, 2010

Feel like a Queen

SOOOOO blown away by this new dress by Agnes Finney designer and owner of My Precious. I knew I could never do it justice with my skills in PS so I turned to my best friend and photographer Alessa Adored of CottonCandy Studios.

When I saw the preview for this dress I was stunned. Agnes has always made wonderful gowns that can make any avatar look like a princess, but I feel like she's outdone herself with this one. The prim attachments are wonderfully textured and flexi in all the right parts. It's incredible and I suggest you pick up one for yourself. It comes in white and black.

Hair - !lamb - Breeze - (Powder)
Necklace - Balderdash - MeadowLark
Dress - My Precious - Queen Lucia - (Grandeur White)


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I have that hair! One of my favs! :)) And the dresss (LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT)

  2. Yeah!! I've used that hair so much. It's awesome. And I <3 all of Agnes' dresses :)