Saturday, August 15, 2009

Designers united!

I just found out about this event! I was randomly hanging around the Eugene sim and I had a strange feeling something is going on there!! Hehe and I was right! This is what their notecard says:
" Designers United is a week long fashion event featuring exclusively created products from a group of talented designers, based on a theme. Each designer has created items specifically for this project, and they will only be available for sale for a limited period of time.

The first theme chosen is "Jellyfish", and the designers have interpreted this theme to make items based on the colors, movements and feelings evoked by this hauntingly beautiful sea creature.

This bi-monthly event is being hosted by the Eugene sim, and will be held from August 15 to August 25th."
The designers participating are:
This is a Fawn
Shade Throne
JM Mai
F.A.T. Designz
Singing Moth
Glow Studio

I couldn't resist to buy some of the items there.
designers united event

This unique, exlusive Meduse outfit from Sugarcube! It is just stunning. And only 150L!!omg! And it comes in sooo many different options. (I am only showing 1)
Hair from Waffles/Caramel-Fargo eats and jumps (LoL, I love the name)
Here is the slurl !

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