Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A touch of paradise

I am sitting on my porch, listening to music and dreaming....

Skipping Stones
(click on the photo to make it bigger)

Flamingos walk, and sway in peace
Seeing this, it makes my troubles cease
The sun is hiding, leaving a pink scar
That stretches right across the sky
That’s all we’ve seen so far
And all I do is look into your eyes

For that special touch of paradise
Just a touch, a touch of paradise
Just a special touch of paradise

You hold my hand, that’s when we kiss
And it doesn’t take long no, until I get the gist
Of this love that stretches out across the land
Where rainbows flash, as we’re walking in the sand
And all I do is look into your eyes

A touch of spring, and autumn sweet
Well the trees vibrate when our eyes meet
And I think of all the love that we have been making
You touch my hand and I walk off shaking
And all I do is look into your eyes
(John Farnham-Touch of Paradise)

Items from the Skipping Stones hunt:
Shirt and pants from Ducknipple
Sunglasses from Shade Throne
Conversation porch from Second Spaces
Necklace from Ticky-Tacky

Items not from the hunt:
Hair from Slink- Nicole
Shoes- Miel ant flats

This post is also a contribution to Malika's 30 DAYS OF SUMMER blogger challenge.

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