Monday, August 10, 2009

Shopping timeee!

Today I walked through AMBROSIA dance club mall and I couldn't resist buying some very cool stuff! My first stop was B&G shoe store. I bought these really nice stilettos. They are really well made. The little crystals give them a really unique look. I love them♥.

Then Indyra Originals caught my eye. Indyra is on "my favourite's" list of Second life stores and also one of the first stores I went to when I was a noob. That's why I am a bit sentimental about it, hehe. The quality is just obvious and I am always very excited when there is a new release.

The shirt and belt I am wearing is from Sn@tch. What to say about that? Sn@tch is just.... sn@tch giggles. It is one of the stores from where I have sooo much stuff in my inventory , more then from any other store. If someone woud look in to my inventory he would definitely say it's obvious... you are addicted to sn@tch. lol. I recomend you to join The sn@tch group. Joining is not free but it is sooo worth it. Ivey gives out soo many nice gifts to the group like every week. :)

Oooh and that was not all- I bought this pair of leather pants at Deviance. I think they are the best leather pants I ever bought in SL. Deviance is known is SL for their sexy costumes. So if you need a costume for some special party, you should take a look at Deviance. I am serious. (winks) And dont forget the leather pants! So what are you waiting for, go to Ambrosia mall right now and check it out! ;)
me and myself

Then I bought the prim nails from the Candy nail store! woot! I am actually not a fan of prim nails but I must say they do look awesome!♥ Amazing work.
lor's prim nails
(click on the photo to make it bigger)

I totally love this outfit from Indyra. It looks really amazing!!! Don't you think?

Jacket from Indyra Originals (from Ahnja oufit-RFL special edition)
Shirt from Sn@tch (from Peepshow outfit in red)
Belt from Sn@tch (The edge jeweled belt)
Pants- Deviance leather pants in black
Shoes from B&G- Betsy Rojo
Hair from Slink- Pixie from Hair fair.
Shirt from Sn@tch ( from Peepshow in gold)
Nails from Candy nails- Magic of witch (black)
Hair from Truth
Outfit from Indyra Originals- Ahnja- RFL special edition
Shoes from B&G- Betsy Rojo
Hair from Truth

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  1. Don't make me want to shop more Lorellai! I need to save up! Ambrosia really does have everything you could ever need for a world-class shopping spree, though. And so many of the stores at the Ambrosia mall have added new items, too. Ugh. I'm never going to save up. You look fabulous as always Lore :-)