Friday, August 7, 2009


Yay! Miel released glasses! Bella, Genius and Pilot. I am so excited about this! Bella is a monthly group gift from Subscribo-matic. You seriously have to get it! The colour possibilities are just endless. So many colours to choose from to mix and match and find the combination you like :) I like the fact that the Genius glasses attach to the chin so you can wear them together with lashes and don't need to attach them to some other point. Of course there is also the resize option like in every Miel item.
Click on the photos to make them bigger.
Miel glasses
Some of my combinations of Pilot and Bella peepers (the one in the middle)...
Miel glasses2
... and Genius peepers.

The next news is...Niniko released new clothes! Ok maybe its not "news" anymore. giggles. But it is new for me! Woot! I love it! Today I am showing Niniko Natural tunic (brown). It has so many options. It can be worn as long or short, with lace or without, with a blouse under (not shown on the photo) or only with bikini. It is totally adorable!

Other items:
Shoes from Tesla- Kensington boots*bronze*
Hair from Truth- Isabella *fudge*
Jeans from Emery- Denim Zipp
Earrings- Zaara- Sarayi hoops wood in gold

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