Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday is ---Loading---

It is Friday (yay) and It is time for some...!
I put together this outfits using and Plastik items. They hooked me. I totally love this looks! I want to buy the whole stores. ... aaaah all for meeee hahah. clothes are same type of clothes I wear in RL. Casual, simple and pretty :) And I love the hair!
And... few days ago I bought the skin from Curio. I was really sceptic at first..wasn't really sure how Curio will work on my shape (and I am really happy with my Laqroki skins).. but what the heck I give it a try. I think it looks nice! The only thing I changed on my shape was the mouth.. I made it just a little bit smaller.
Shirt (pink), short cardi (burgundy) and jeans skirt (light wash) and hair (Allison-timid brown) from
Shoes from Kookie
Skin- Curio June(Sundust, frex/dark- Doe2)
Scarf from VG
Earrings are Exodi fishing prize- hooked earrings
YES I went fishing LoL. There are some really pretty prizes to win umm.. catch, hehe. I didn't catch them all yet. I have to go back soon and fish some more. It is really fun! Here is the SLURL to Exodi fishing hole. Yesterday I took my male friend with me and he said to me... "Lore, I have never seen so many girls fishing before" hahaha. It was really funny.

Dress from Plastik- Boudoir (Betty)
Short cardi from
Scarf from VG
Bracelet from Atelier-wood brace.

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