Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I ♥ my panties

Lets hunt for some.. panties! There is a 2nd annual Starlust panty raid going on! It is really fun :) you hunt for sculpty clamshells hidden throughout the many sims of Starlust! They can be anywhere. I found some really cute panties hehe by coincidence, I didn't really look for them. The event is going on till August 30th. So, planty of time to get them ALL.
left: panties from Pididdle clamshell
Hair from Truth
Black top from Coco
right: black shorts from Epoque clamshell
mouth panties from Malliz yiyuan clamshell

Hat, panties and waving panties from *Coucou* clamshell
Top from Coco.
Right: panties from Somapop
mouth panties from Mallit yiyuan

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